Founded in January, 2003, Chinese Union of Zurich (CUZ) is a non-profit, non-political, and religiously neutral association, with the objective to promote the exchange of economy, culture, science, and technology between China and Switzerland, to enrich the communication among Chinese in the region of Zurich, and to help them integrate into Swiss society.

CUZ is composed of Chinese, international, as well as corporate members, who share the same objective and would like to work together voluntarily on relevant projects, or contribute to them.

CUZ is not only supported by a variety of international companies and institutes, but also works closely with China's representation in Switzerland and maintains close ties with relevant Chinese governmental organizations.

CUZ is a member of Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC), and is registered at Fachstelle Für Interkulturelle Fragen (FIF) of Stadt Zurich.

CUZ is proud of its young and active team. Most of the team members are highly educated academias, lawyers, entrepreneurs and so on.
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