In purpose of improving the intercommunication and recognition between local Chinese community and Swiss organizations, and promoting the images of Chinese culture and business, Chinese Union of Zurich (CUZ) organize two teams to participate in the Dragon Parade during the "Kinderumzug", Sechseläute at Zurich in January 2004 and the  Dragon Boat Racing at Eglisau in June, 2004.

CUZ dragon boat team yearly participates in the Dragon Boat Racing event organized by the local community at Eglisau. This team has demonstrated great performance and potential in past competition. CUZ highly appreciated the donation from Chinese and Swiss friends, which enables CUZ's participation and success. Specifically the Chinese Consulate at Zurich showed great interest in CUZ's participation in this local event, and sent a group of people to watch and cheer up the CUZ dragon team.  We believe that CUZ dragon boat team will play better and better with so many supports.


CUZ organizes a dragon-dancing team to take part in the yearly Zurich Sechslaeuten Parade.  CUZ team made a conquest of every audience for her wonderful performance, and won extraordinarily applause.



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