CUZ organizes various sports activities year-long with hunderds of participants. The activities includes Clubs of all kinds of sports, competition and games, excursions, picnics and so on. As the most popular organization, CUZ's interesting sports events attract people in all-classes in Zurich area.

CUZ Tennis Club 2005 Call for Member

CUZ Tennis club is the most popular tennis club in Chinese community in Zurich. There are more than 60 people registered from last year. Welcome to join us!

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Volleyball night CUZ volleyball team attended the volleyball night at Irchel sport center Zurich on December 10, 2005. Volleyball night is a traditional annual volleyball match organized by Akademischer Sportverband Zurich (ASVZ).


CUZ periodically organize execursions to famous resorts in Switzerland. On April 16, 2004, CUZ organized a hiking tour in northeast Switzerland. The hiking group explored the wonderful area near to Schaffhausen and Bodensee.

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