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The association consists of four kinds of members:

a) Active and passive members: individuals and their spouses and children.

b) Student members: any persons studying or attending school in Switzerland and their spouses and children.

c) Honorary members: individuals designated by the general assembly.

All members are required to pay an annual membership-fee as follows:

a) Active members: CHF 20.00.

b) Student members: CHF 10.00

Passive and Honorary members: Exempt from paying membership-fee

The voting rights of all members are designated as follows:

a) Active members: One vote per membership

b) Student members: One vote per membership

Passive and Honorary members have no voting rights

Members will be accepted through decision of the executive committee.

Termination of membership is open to individual members at all times upon written notification to the executive committee (email/fax included). The terminating member is required to pay the complete annual membership-fee for the year commenced.

Membership may be revoked at any time through decision of the general assembly upon petition of the executive committee.

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